into the fullness of divine


Healing mellifluous hymns of Jesus

when fall onto the believers’ ears

curl up and die their restless ecstasies

like a spiritual rebirth is conceived here.

©Himani Sethi


A whisper that calmed the Divine madness


In a state of Divine madness

as I ventured out;

so I wandered about

in quest for Divinity…..

And before 

 any immoral stroke of unenlightenment

had its moments

the Divinities set ashore

saving mine

just in time


from going astray

and reading me in whisper……

their message…….. of Humanity.


 Dear Divine seeker !

…don’t be ‘insane’

go walk the path of Humanity;

be humane.


Your life

conceived by humankind;

squandering away seeking Divinity

do not ill-define.


Owe it (your life) to humans;

serve Humanity

reciprocate all tenderness

and much humility.


 Intent on making this 

   the purpose of your life 

  and let your soul rest in me

 for all the while.

©Himani Sethi